Tuesday, August 24, 2004

yay~ our join blog finally create le! mwahahas. e 5566 pic on e left is sooo nice lor! i upload one lehs. so gek can... i was like using half an hr to create this blog skin ystday but i accidentally pressed on e 'clear edits' button and everything disappeared! sighs. but i think e present one is better though... i think this blog qt a gd idea cos we both no need to communicate thru letters le... waste paper.. haha. k la. shall stop talking crap. must come and post more often ya? loveya dear!


we love 5566!;
x 9:32 PM

we love 5566!

joyce 070889 chijsngs
5566 tony leo

sophie 111289 orchidparksecondary 5566 zax sagittarius